Has IPL lost it’s credibility?

Article written by on March 29th, 2014


With power comes authority and with authority comes the added pressure. These are the words fitting for every person holding a respectable job and more so, when he’s being watched by millions of people and being judged for it- the person I’m referring to here is, Mr. N Srinivasan.

N Srinivasan is the head of BCCI-the body that runs cricket in India. If there’s one person that has seen the rise of Indian cricket, it’s this very man. The first 4 years of Srinivasan’s stint post taking over as BCCI chief can be labeled as near ‘perfect’. The problem raised in the last year’s IPL when the world of cricket was hit by the ‘match-fixing storm’. Chandila, Ankit Chavan and Sreesanth – 3 players who got banned from playing cricket EVER again because of evidence that indict them having fixed IPL matches.

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Some Don Bradman Cricket 14 Release FAQs

Article written by on March 19th, 2014

We’ve been getting a lot of repeated questions via social media and on the forums about the release of Don Bradman Cricket 14, so I thought I’d try and field some of them in one place. These aren’t ‘official’ answers, but reflect the best of the information we have at the moment.


When will the game release?
The 3rd of April is the official release date and should be the exact date in the majority of countries getting the game, though in some countries Friday releases are more common, so it might be the 4th in a few places.  As that date draws closer we expect details to become firmer in countries without specific details right now.

What’s happening with the release in the UK?
More retailers are putting details up in the UK, including an official Amazon listing – which has yet to have pricing and order information added to it – PS3 and 360 – as well as other stores like GAME and ShopTo. Most seem to be listing the date for the 11th of June, one week after the release elsewhere. We still don’t have absolute confirmation either way.

No confirmation at this stage regarding the Steelbook.

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Can Peter Siddle pick up the pace?

Article written by on March 18th, 2014


Peter SiddlePeter Siddle has been an important bowler for the Australian cricket team for a long time. He made his Test debut against India in 2008, coming into the Australian team for the injured Stuart Clarke. In the 2009 Ashes series in the first Test match Siddle showed how much damage he could do by taking a hat-trick on what just happened to be his birthday. From then on he has always been a consistent bowler that bowls a nagging line and length outside the off stump, who is also capable of picking up important wickets.

In the last and series deciding Test match of Australia’s 2014 tour of South Africa Siddle was dropped from the Australian team for James Pattinson. Australian coach Darren Lehmann commented on the reason behind dropping Peter Siddle saying, He’d like some more wickets obviously but it’s the pace drop. We need him bowling 140 and at the moment he’s averaging 131, 132. He knows that, we’ve spoken to him and I’m sure he will be back bigger and stronger.” Siddle is now recognised from his diet as a vegan after adopting a healthier lifestyle. Some people believe the fast bowler who could previously bowl up to 145 km/h has been affected by his new diet and that has contributed to his drop in pace.
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Don Bradman Cricket 14 to release 3rd April on PS3 and Xbox 360

Article written by on March 13th, 2014

Tru Blu Entertainment, publisher of the Big Ant Studios developed Don Bradman Cricket 14 have today announced that the game will be releasing on the 3rd of April on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. No date is yet confirmed for the PC version that was previously announced to be “two months” after the console release.


While the date has been announced, the details are light – with no new information on the game and little information regarding the release such as pricing. Particularly absent is a distributor in the United Kingdom, where the press release notes that the “UK: Distribution and release date TBA” – which makes the release date uncertain in one of the biggest markets for cricket games.

UPDATE: Forum posts from Big Ant Studios CEO Ross Symons suggest that it should have no impact on release – saying: “At the time of the release the distributor could not be named, that is all.” and that “I am still not concerned about the UK. Stock is on the way there.”

The announcement of the 3rd of April puts it technically outside the “March” estimate given previously, though to editorialise for a second, three days shouldn’t matter to anyone and it would be crazy to think that’s a ‘delay’.

Full release follows,

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Interview: Real Cricket 14 by Nautilus Mobile

Article written by on March 8th, 2014

poster-art-01While PlanetCricket’s mostly focused on the major console releases, the biggest cricket games market is on mobile phones, with thousands of titles on the various app stores vying for your attention. An upcoming release by Nautilus Mobile looks to set itself apart from the other mobile games with a distinctive 2D style and claims of being able to put a realistic cricket game in a small package. We took some time out of his busy schedule leading up to release to interview Anuj Mankar about his company’s project.

PC: Firstly, can you introduce yourself and Nautilus Mobile to PlanetCricket – what experience do you bring to making cricket games?

AM: We are an independent mobile game studio based in Hyderabad, India and I am the CEO & Creative Director of this little ship. We started just a year back in March 2013 and released our first title – an action RPG called “Song of Swords”. This title went on to win the Nasscom’s People’s Choice Indie Game of the Year award. We also received acclaim from who presented us with the Mobile Spark 2013 award.

There are about 3-4 of us from our small overall team of 8 who have actually worked together on mobile cricket game which released on the Symbian and Blackberry platforms back in 2011 called Ultimate Cricket 2011. I designed that game, and our Art Director at Nautilus was the one who created the character design and animations. Our Lead Programmer for Real Cricket 2014 was actually the one who looked after the ports of Ultimate Cricket and helped get it compatible on over 1500 handsets of the time. Ultimate Cricket was a very successful game and we hope we can deliver a much more superior and exciting game with Real Cricket 2014.

PC: Calling the game ‘Real Cricket’ sets up quite a high standard – what do you see as the largest mistake other cricket games – particularly on mobiles – have made that this one corrects to make it ‘real’
AM: When we started Nautilus a year ago, our first statement of intent was to create high quality games – something that our users would enjoy playing and something that we would take pride and enjoy delivering. Our intent with Real Cricket is no different, infact our efforts and determination is greater considering it’s majority of our team’s favorite sport.

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