Don Bradman Cricket 14

Released in April 2014 for PS3 and Xbox 360, and coming to PC DVD and Steam on 26th June


Player endorsements are a big thing in cricket games – Allan Border, Brian Lara, Shane Warne and Ricky Ponting are just some of the players who have put their names to cricket games in the past – all greats of the game and all doing their bit to sell copies of games, but no one really worried about destroying Shane Warne’s reputation with a cricket game. Don Bradman – that’s different. The Don comes with a weight of history, a legendary status in the cricketing world and a name that defines cricket perfection. Putting that on a cricket game takes a lot of confidence, and developer Big Ant Studios think they have the game to live up to the biggest of names.

The game officially released on April 3rd on PS3 and Xbox 360, and is to release on the 26th of June on Steam and DVD for Windows. See the game on the Steam Store here.

To make the game the revolution it needs to be to match up with the name, it has a long list of firsts and total changes from the past – becoming the first cricket game with a full career mode, a built in player creator and the first with the ability to save games in progress online – finally making it viable to play a test match online in a cricket game. There is also innovation in control schemes, with batting and bowling all totally different from previous titles, all adding up to the impression that Big Ant may succeed at the finer points that previous titles have failed at.

The Sydney Cricket Ground and Bradman Oval are the two licensed stadiums in the game with a further eleven unlicensed grounds included from around the world.

While the game is still awaiting a release on PC, you can practice batting in the nets of the Cricket Academy Beta. As well as being able to bat in the nets, you can also create players, tours, tournaments and unique match types, showing off some of the huge flexibility included in the game. Players created in the editor are able to be shared, including across platforms. The career mode will allow you to take your created player through a 20 year career, go on tour and earn your way into the national team or get contracts from clubs in T20 tournaments. Other features included in the game are the ‘Big Ant Review System’ implementation of DRS, manual appealing, stats tracking as well as stamina, fatigue, injuries, form, etc. as factors in player performances.

With the game now out, user created videos are now widely available – this forum thread lists just some of the ones available on YouTube. Pre-release screenshots of the game are available below.

Keep an eye out on our dedicated Don Bradman Cricket 14 forum where you will find all the latest news and answers to questions from the developers. You can also visit the official site of this game here or check out their Facebook page.

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Controls – A controller is required to play the game on PC

  • Online Play
  • Local Multiplayer
  • Autoplay/Simulation mode
  • Career Mode
  • In Game Player Editor
  • In Game Team Editor
  • Challenge mode
  • Tutorial mode
  • Interactive Game
At a glance
  • System Requirements: Windows XP/Vista/7/8, Pentium Dual-Core CPU E5700 @ 3.00Ghz/AMD Athlon II X2 250 Processor 3.01Ghz, 2 GB RAM, Radeon HD 6670 or NVIDIA Geforce GT520 with Min 1GB Memory
  • Commentary by Matthew Hill and David Basheer
  • Licences: Licensed by the Bradman Foundation
    • Online saving and tournaments
    • Player based 20-year career mode
    • Fully interactive fielding
    • Dynamic weather and pitch degradation
    • ‘Cricket Academy’ Player/team/tour/competitor/umpire creator/editor
    • DRS and Manual Appeals
    • Six hit distance meter and RPM counter for spin bowlers
    • Practice Nets
    • Controller with analogue sticks required on PC

104 comments on “Don Bradman Cricket 14”

  1. Richi says:

    Best of luck. Big ant cricket 13

  2. I want to know when this game is releasing?

  3. James Cook says:

    hopefully you guys release em both at the same time |

  4. Aditya Patki says:

    preview of game looks superb. plus its gonna release on pc which is also very good. eagerly waiting for it…

  5. ShaFin Rahman says:

    CAREER MODE! Yes! Finally… :D

  6. Sharky says:

    This sounds really good. At last a cricket lover that make a cricket game. I hope the hardest level will be the hardest level of cricket ever. We do like a challenge. I’ve got no problem at all that I’m not talented enough yet to play on the hardest level of FIFA Football. I’m really happy to stick to my medium level that gives me a good enough challenge of loosing and winning a game. Grand Slam Tennis 2 was really a big disappointment, because their super hardest level was way too easy and Grand Slam tennis 1 was more of a challenge. For example, it should be almost impossible to break the ODI or Test winning streaks on the hardest level. The computer should be unfair at it’s best level when a player stand a chance to break the winning streak record. Otherwise the game would become boring if you win all the time. And if you one of those who threw a big tantrum when you loose, then you should stick to the easier levels. I just hope that cricket game-makers realize that cricket lovers also loves stats. It’s part of a cricketers life, these statistics and records.

  7. James Cook says:

    Big Ant Cricket 14 is gna be awesome

  8. Sohel Syed Ijaz says:

    Wow. Nice to see this page :like:

  9. kellett94 says:

    well done big ant this sounds good! especially with a career mode and would be pretty cool with the DRS hopefully it gets released soon

  10. saran kandimalla says:

    are the players licensed..???

  11. Rj says:

    This games look amazing, when is it released?

  12. Vikas Singh says:

    really man…now can’t wait for this game…because it has career mode… of luck big ant cricket developers..

  13. Saurabh says:

    See some of the awesome screenshots…and then think a little… you now realize how silly your question was?

  14. Mohamed Mifras Moujood says:

    WHEN release THIS GAME

  15. vince says:

    haha can we do DRS with india?

  16. Rulz says:

    hAHAAH…NYC JOKE :p INDIA will not let u do that :P

  17. CricFan says:

    My Suggestions

    – Please include top 20 Countries in ICC rankings for International Matches with their Real names
    – All Stats and Career Milestones with all the world records and Stats

    – Bowling Actions of some of the popular Bowlers (Having different bowling styles)

    – Of course , Many Stadiums

    – And many to go ….

    – Please don’t make us sad, we hoped a lot from this game

  18. Ryan says:

    As the Ashes 2013 has been delayed I’m looking forward to this one.

  19. sai says:

    before October

  20. JasonTodd says:

    Stats that have the ability to be re-set would also be amazing.
    And stats and awards for bowling and batting separately so for those that only love to bat don’t miss out the the batting awards because they choose not to bowl.

  21. IAMAWR says:

    Big ant studios I don’t know how to thank you. I had been waiting for the past 6 years and now here you are creating such a great game.Amazing! I just cant express how enthusiastic I am to play this game :D :D

    Please release the game by September. PLZ PLZ

  22. Mohamed Mifras Moujood says:


  23. Jujubox72 says:

    Actually its before september :D

  24. Jujubox72 says:

    If there are a couple of things I would like you’ll to add could be,
    1) Road to the world cup, including all the Associate and Affiliate teams
    2) A tournament similar to the champions league t20, as in the uefa champions league, you pretty much get the top 4 teams from nearly every european country, I would suggest that if you’ll could use this, it would be really helpful. Plus teams need to qualify for the tournament, in doing so, players should chose the team that they want to represent in the clt20, in doing so, they should play a domestic season with that team, and if they finish in the top 4, they automatically qualify for the champions league
    3) Domestic seasons for all the test playing nations

    lastly, if you’ll could include teams like, Australia A, Bangladesh A, England Lions, India A, New Zealand A, Pakistan A, South Africa A, Sri Lanka A, West Indies A and Zimbabwe A as well as under 19 teams, thank you and all the best, so far ive seen many features od this game, and to be honest, its the best cricket game i have seen for a long time :D

  25. Raafey says:

    Why did they have to use this picture on the cover bradman looks too much like kamran akmal with a whiter face but other than the cover love the title and the REST OF the cover and everything else about this game good luck big ant!

  26. Raj says:

    Finally a good Cricket Game is going to be out. Cant wait for this. Hope it gets released in 2014.

  27. Amit Seth says:

    with no ps2 version, i have to buy pc cd only but will it be available in India

  28. Jujubox72 says:

    Just a quick question, is big ant cricket 14 and don bradman cricket 14 the same game, or 2 completely different games?

  29. Kaul says:

    I am very excited
    Hope the hardest level satisfy and intoxicate me
    And it must be licensed by top 5 teams and technical gameplay

  30. New name for the same game.

  31. Guest says:

    This should be a real good game. All the cricket fanatics should be excited. I’ve been waiting for a cricket game like this for a long time!

  32. matt says:

    This is the game that all the cricket fanatics have been waiting for. DRS and carrer mode, this will be great!

  33. hinks says:

    When will it come out?

  34. maddy420 says:

    cant wait counting days like hell

  35. maddy420 says:

    awsome game in cricket historyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  36. maddy420 says:

    plz put a pen tool in uniform editor

  37. ravi teja says:

    superb intro to new cricket. My sincere request is
    1) please add world cup, champion troffies , etc

    2) difficult level should be very high in hard level

  38. ravi teja says:

    best of luck to ant team .I am eagerly waiting to buy dis game

  39. cwm says:

    i am waiting for this game badly. which moth it’ll release at least.does it need a controller on pc.

  40. Mohsin says:

    i will b waiting for this game

  41. Pankzz says:

    Sysyem Requirements ?

  42. mujahith says:

    Thanks Big ant Cricket art

  43. Maaz Haider says:

    does this game have all the teams licensed?will every player have his real face on him

  44. Gazza says:

    hahahaha I’m indian and find that so funny

  45. Shazz says:

    Can’t wait !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks Big ant Cricket

  46. Celvin says:

    Atleast could you plz let us know the release date…how long do we have to wait…

  47. MADDY says:


  48. pawpaw says:

    Will the names of players in this game be original? eg. Jacques Kallis and not Jake coolis?

  49. Saffee Rock says:

    How to download this game for pc…

  50. Mohamed Mifras Moujood says:

    when release

  51. 13cricketer says:

    when will it release

  52. ... says:

    when is the releasing date for Don Bradman Cricket 14 in South Africa?????

  53. DM92 says:

    no big ant chose from the start to spend money on gameplay rather than licences

  54. avinash says:

    eagerly waiting for the game……
    waiting to play career mode

  55. Shuraim Ahmet says:

    Will we be able to bat from up-front batting cam coz so far in the game play videos we’ve been seein’ batsman batting from behind?

  56. Ali mithani says:

    plx make the man of the match ceremony awards. player of the series photo session etc..:)

  57. Shuraim Ahmet says:

    thanx mate, I’m relieved.

  58. Slash says:

    any word on when this will be releasing, from reading the above description, this game sounds huge. Now that the base is there, I’m really hoping that big ant will continue with this title and release yearly installments to the game. Hopefully they will be able to get licensing from all major boards which would really take this game to the next level.

  59. maddy420 says:

    m mad for this game for 6 months and no rel date

  60. Faisal says:

    is this game playable with keyboard in future or not?

  61. Faisal says:

    i have no game pad or analogue sticks. can i play that game with keyboard.

  62. Aslam Shawon says:

    It doesn’t seem like having licenced players…

  63. Shuraim Ahmet says:

    Not now but maybe in future at the moment its playable via controller which is easy to install

  64. Roohan Koolz says:

    Desperately waiting for this game.
    Surely, will be an historic game. :)

  65. Dimuth says:

    I have Installed the Demo version of this Game. Its Looks very Attractive. but one Serious Problem I have Faced. in the Demo version of this game Asking a Joystick for a Play it. Can’t control from Keyboard. If it is Happens in Full version, Lot of Cricket Fans will not be Able to play this game. I hope “Big Ant Studios” will Concern about this Issue & make decent work for everyone.Thank you..!!

  66. Dimuth Karunarathna says:

    I have Installed the Demo version of this Game. Its Looks very Attractive. but one Serious Problem I have Faced. It Is Demo version of this game Asking a Joystick for the Play. Can’t control from Keyboard. If it is Happens in Full version, Lot of Cricket Fans will not be Able to play this game. I hope The “Big Ant Studios” will Concern about this Issue & make decent work for everyone.Thank you..!!

  67. Peter says:

    Developers said that “they have not enough funds to program a better gameplay and the current gameplay got so many bugs that need to be fix, but hope someone fix them for free.”
    hope they get some designer that work for free i mean for faith.

  68. akshay says:

    how to download plese tell

  69. Cr!ck3t_L0v3r!! says:

    Are you the Dimuth Karunarthna who plays for Srilanka In Cricket? ANd Who is currently Playing the Test matches B/w Pakistan ANd SriLanka In U.A.E???!!! o_O

  70. Roofi says:

    Can’t wait I’m ready to buy DVD of this.
    Please please show Release date……
    please Bring Player’s Faces Reality….
    Big Ant’s you beauty……..

  71. Roofi says:

    But Guys don’t be really crazy IND won’t mind that they are now Realizing the need of DRS

  72. bbr says:

    Finally a cricket game with correct squad name

  73. mark says:

    mates its called buy x360 controller for the PC u cant use keyboard because of the advance controls

  74. zain says:

    i want to download this can how can i download it

  75. Nikko Chunn says:

    On the Cricket Academy, search creator name: CHUNNSTER… full squads / teams are up for Black Caps, Oz, En, SA, Daredevils, Otago Volts and plenty of others… commentary names, the works 8-) enjoy this title y’all….. it has had some hands on and is the goods y’all…

  76. Rameez Karim says:

    I agree with difficulty level

  77. Dimuth says:

    If It made to play with Key board, It’ll be more valuable for All Cricket Fans.Otherwise ???????

  78. Sayan Karmakar says:

    Great th8s….

  79. syed muhammad shakir says:

    i love cricket game tanx big ant….

  80. Nick says:

    gonna get 1st hundred and first hatrick easy!

  81. Tyler Kenn says:

    ICC Should provide support to any cricket game releasing in any region or whatever platform, through which we can get a licensed game with real names and other attributes like FIFA the one thing i like bout’ the game is the helmet cam it’s like cockpit cam in racing genre

  82. sid says:

    where did u find career mode?
    i have downloaded the beta version it has only practice matches,how to fix that
    pls tell

  83. VampyreSquirrel says:

    Get the full version.

  84. VampyreSquirrel says:

    Big Ant… you may want to update your site… it says the came is still “coming” and tbd.

  85. Gul Hameed says:

    when is it releasing on pc

  86. hwangeruk says:

    Will this be available via Games On Demand on Xbox Live (I prefer download to box copy)

  87. Around the same time as the PC release it will be available for download on PSN and Xbox Live.

  88. Lognath Baba says:

    steam demo looks same as before but it should contain atleast 3 overs to play so that everyone can feel the game…………

  89. Lognath Baba says:

    steam demo looks same as before but it should contain atleast 3 overs to play so that everyone can feel the game

  90. haseeb says:

    A big game is released but ! i want something ?
    1:there is a prize distribution at the end of the match.
    2:most games of cricket are so easy to play so this game has only hard level.
    3:most games have only 2 commentators so please the game has more commentators like rameez raja,danny morrison,Tony Greig etc

  91. sunand says:

    i want unlock password to compressed files please help me

  92. Allii Allee says:

    Controllers ain’t working :(

  93. chokra jawan says:

    yes not working in PC plz help

  94. chokra jawan says:

    Controllers ain’t working :(

    I AM PC USER JUST INSTALLED IT BUT ERROR Controllers ain’t working :(

  95. chokra jawan says:

    Controllers ain’t working :(

  96. kashan jatoi says:

    guys please tell me that how can i download original/genuine player names?

  97. rahul2809 says:

    how to play offliline

  98. rahul2809 says:

    HOW to play offline

  99. rahul2809 says:

    Can i play offline??????????????

  100. Chahat says:

    How to play hindi commentary in DBC 14

  101. Choudhury Amar says:

    How to mod this Game???

  102. Eclipse1123 says:

    Just saying I was batting and i played a short ball missed hit in chest/stomach region and they apealled for lbw and it pitched outside leg and it was bouncing over as it hit my chest yet i was given out in a game that didnt have reviews.

  103. Star Player says:

    Very good game but so costly to afford

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