Brian Lara Cricket ’99

Developed and Published by Codemasters.
Released 19th March 1999 on PlayStation and PC.
Released as Shane Warne Cricket '99 in Australia and New Zealand
  1. Despite being over a decade old, Brian Lara Cricket 99 sits in mind by many cricket gamers as the best cricket game released – and a faithful few still give the game a go today, with the badly aged graphics not putting a dent on the ever brilliant gameplay.
    BLC 99 is cited by developers and gamers alike as the mark to aim for with cricket games, a mark many say still has failed to be met.

    BLC 99 was successful in Codemasters mind too, with the spiritual successor Brian Lara International Cricket 2005 proudly proclaiming in the box that it was ‘From the Makers of Brian Lara Cricket’, though in reality having no relation to BLC 99, it speaks volumes for BLC’s place in cricket games history that 6 years after its release it was still a front of the box selling point.

    It’s very difficult to review BLC 99 fairly, as all our memories are wrapped in nostalgia and rose-tinted glasses. But for any cricket enthusiast, it is certainly worth tracking down.

    You’ll have the easiest time with the PlayStation version of the game, with the PS3/2 both able to play the game fine. Modern PCs on the other hand are a much more difficult proposal. The game needed a patched exe to run on Windows XP (or later), and even then it is a bit of a task to get it going.

    Our XP Compatibility page will attempt to help you through getting the game going, as well as the various versions of the game that there are.

    BLC 99 was also widely patchable, which added to its longevity, with thousands of patches made. Our patches page looks at these, including downloads

    Overall, BLC ’99 is the classic of the Cricket Games world, if you will only play one old cricket game, this is the one to experience.