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PlanetCricket was built on over 10 years of Cricket Game patching, if it can be modded it’s on PlanetCricket. From fixed rosters to updated kits, PlanetCricket downloads make games live up to their potential making them as realistic as possible.

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EA Sports Cricket 07
Review Score: 74

Cricket 07  is EA Sports’ latest cricket game release. Cricket 07 was a update of previous title Cricket 2005, making some much needed changes, with improved graphics and updated commentary, but still keeping some flaws and poor gameplay.

However the wide ranging and thorough patching that has been possible for Cricket 07 has resulted in it lasting a very long time and is still the most popular cricket game on the market.

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Don Bradman Cricket 14 Review

April 15, 2014

In a running trial the coach watches two athletes run the same time. One is lean, fit and has great technique; the other, carrying extra weight, less fit and making basic mistakes. Who do you choose to train? When I’ve written previous reviews of cricket games, I’ve speculated that maybe we’ll never see a game that […]

Don Bradman Cricket 14 Review

April 8, 2014

 “The first thing to do before you pick up the controller is to forget all that you know about cricket games past” The game’s manual describes things perfectly, there is no part of this game that provides familiarity and safety. If you can’t let go, you’re going to have a bad time. Those days are […]

Some Don Bradman Cricket 14 Release FAQs

March 19, 2014

We’ve been getting a lot of repeated questions via social media and on the forums about the release of Don Bradman Cricket 14, so I thought I’d try and field some of them in one place. These aren’t ‘official’ answers, but reflect the best of the information we have at the moment. When will the […]

Don Bradman Cricket 14
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