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Atleast one journalist has the guts to speak the other side of the story

But still, the loudest cheers of the night came during a subsequent panel discussion, when Michael Holding explained how angry he is at the way India is able to bend the governance of the game to its own will. Furious roars of approval from the Members for this, who seem to forget that for the great extent of the history of the sport the rest of the world had to put up with the nabobs and poobahs at Lord's doing exactly the same thing.
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'The ICC should follow FIFA's lead' | Cricket videos, MP3, podcasts, cricket audio at ESPN Cricinfo

Boycott on point with suggestion that ICC should be tough like FIFA. I've been saying it all along.
I am fed up of FIFA comparison. The comparison Holding made was even more childish. FIFA will exist if England is kicked out or brazil is kicked out. No one FIFA member contributes more than 50% of money for running the sport. BCCI contributes around 70% due to its participation in ICC events. Boards are making around 3 times more when Indian team visits. A better comparison would be UN permanent council. It sucks...we dealt with ECB and CA bullying for around 50 deal with it... BCCI will definitely request an FIFA type model once their control slips away
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