Field Editor released for International Cricket 10 (Xbox 360)

Article written by on January 26th, 2012

Planetcricket are pleased to announced the second editor within a week for IC10 (Xbox 360 version)

AbBh has today released his Field Editor. This works similarly to his AC09 version, except this one works on saved games files. This means you can have more enjoyment when batting now with more realistic fields, and no massive gaps in the outfield for easy runs

Our thanks to AbBh for his perserverence in making this editor. We know he must have felt like walking away on many an occasion, but he kept coming back to it and saw it through.

We hope this Field and previously announced Player Editor will open the game up to a lot more people now, as this is still widely regarded by many as the best cricket game out there, and it has just got better

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