CA contracts 2011-12

Article written by on June 7th, 2011

Doug Bollinger
Michael Clarke
Patrick Cummins
Xavier Doherty
Callum Ferguson
Brad Haddin
Ryan Harris
John Hastings
Nathan Hauritz
Ben Hilfenhaus
Phillip Hughes
David Hussey
Michael Hussey
Mitchell Johnson
Usman Khawaja
Jason Krejza
Brett Lee
Shaun Marsh
Tim Paine
James Pattinson
Ricky Ponting
Peter Siddle
Steven Smith
Shane Watson
Cameron White

IN: Cummins, Doherty, Hastings, David Hussey, Khawaja, Krejza, Pattinson
OUT: Hopes, Katich, McDonald, McKay, North, Tait, Voges

Some decent players must make way for fresh faces, but most are middle or top aged and their potential to make good on any decency they might have varies. With Cummins, Pattinson and Khawaja, it hints at something of a youth policy, however players like Doherty, Krejza and Hussey are very much sideways trades.

One wonders whether the discarded players are deprived by the process of anointing spinners and not confidently discarding any. It seems awfully superfluous to award a contract to each of Hauritz, Krejza and Doherty, while Beer may well be the one who plays the next Test.

Now for the real issues: what you all came to see. Useless stats.

The mean age of this contract list is 27.88, the median age is 28 and the standard deviation is 4.52. This is a small decrease in the average age, but an increase in std dev from last year, while the median age remains the same.

40% of the list are NSW players, while Victorians and Tasmanians make up 20% each, all three states improving their numbers from last year. Of the losers, WA take the biggest hit, losing two players, while Qld and SA have each been halved to one representative.

This list has 558 Test matches worth of experience; 22.32 per player. However, the median is 5.

Finally; if this is truly the end of the Krab, then good night sweet prince, you were the toughest and hairiest among us.

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