PlanetCricket Fantasy Cricket World Cup

Article written by on February 13th, 2011

PlanetCricket have just launched the World Cup edition of Fantasy Cricket. We will be running one main competition which is ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 Full Competition and separate Group and Knockout stage competitions.

For the main competition we will be offering the following prizes from our store:

Value T-Shirt

As usual both competitions will be awarding vCash to the top 3. If there are 50 or more members that enter then the top 5 will receive vCash. The vCash allocation is as follows:

1st: vCash x 10
2nd: vCash x 5
3rd: vCash x 3
4th: vCash x 2
5th: vCash

There is less than a week to register your team so get picking.

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